The Environmental Health Department is responsible for the software aspects of Environment Health in the municipal shall provides the following services delivery, rules and processes to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

  • Monitoring all Environmental Management activities in the Municipality. These include:
    • Providing Environmental Health and Sanitation profile for policy formulation
    • Premises inspection
    • Receiving and abatement or sanitary complaints
    • Hygiene/Health Education
    • Disposal of the dead
    • Collaborating with Health Centers on Diseases Control
    • Monitoring and reporting of all Waste Management issues in the Municipal
    • Prosecuting sanitary offenders

Providing environmental health and sanitation profile


  • Survey
  • Geographical boundary
  • Population
  • Identify socio-economic/cultural activities
  • Identify stakeholders/opinion leaders
  • Identify sanitary sites and other facilities eg schools, hospitals, churches etc
  • Identify hard core sanitary problems existing within the community

Premises Inspection/ Public Places


  • Name and Address
  • Inspection
  • Identification of sanitary problems and abatement of nuisance
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  • Health Education
  • Issue of notices and court summons
  • Prosecution
  • Bench warrant execution
  • Public places (markets, lorry parks, terminals)
  • Sanitary facilities (abattoir, slaughter slabs, public toilets, public cemeteries)

Receiving and Abatement of Sanitary Complaints

  • Investigation
  • Health Education
  • Notices and Summons
  • Prosecutions

Resources needed

  • Statutory notice books, summons books
  • Fuel and transport
  • Noise measuring and sound metres
  • Vehicle emission detectors
  • Stationery

Hygiene/health education

  • Identification of Community Health problems and needs
  • Set strategic objectives
  • Design of programme manuals, handbooks, brochures, leaftlets etc
  • Implementation and evaluation

Disposal of the Dead


  • Record keeping on deaths
  • Sanitary disposal of the dead
  • Ordinary burial
  • Cremation
  • Exhumation
  • Disinfection

Management and control of cemeteries

  • Allocation of grave space
  • Clearing of overgrowth of weeds in cemeteries
  • Enforcement of burial standards
  • Enforcements of cemeteries and burial bye-laws

Resources needed

  • Chemicals
  • Standby Ambulance/ Hearse
When any person desire to marry under ordinance within the Adentan Municipal, one of the couple to the intended marriage would have to give notice of the marriage at the Marriage registry of the Adentan Municipal Assembly for twenty one (21) days. The Notice is to inform the public the opportunity to raise any questions on the intended notice of marriage.

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